Church Meeting

Each congregation (local church) within the URC is governed by a Church Meeting consisting of all its members, which is the ultimate decision-making body in the congregation.

Within the present structures, congregations are able to manage themselves and arrange their services as they choose, reflecting their circumstances and preferences. As a result, congregations, even neighbouring ones, may have quite different characters, types of service and eligibility for communion.

The Church Meeting happens at least annually and at other times of the year as required, for example if there is need to discuss and potentially vote on matters that affect the church locally or the URC as a whole.

Details of Church Meetings will be posted on the Events Calendar and News pages.

Copies of meeting minutes are displayed in the church vestibule or can be obtained from the church secretary. A summary of each meeting is published in Newstand the month after each meeting (may be two months after depending on Newstand publishing dates).