Daily Devotion 11th November 2018

Endow the king with justice, LORD,
The royal son with righteousness.
Your people, your afflicted ones,
He’ll judge with truth and uprightness.

The mountains will bring peace to them,
The hills the fruit of righteousness.
He will defend and save the poor,
And crush all those who them oppress.

As long as sun and moon endure,
So will he live time without end.
He’ll be like showers on the earth,
Like rains that on mown fields descend.

The righteous then will blossom forth
Throughout his everlasting reign;
Until the moon no longer shines,
Peace in abundance will remain.

From sea to sea he will hold sway
And from the River to earth’s end.
His enemies will lick the dust,
And desert tribes the knee will bend.

Then Tarshish and the distant shores
Will send the tribute of their kings;
Sheba’s and Seba’s kings will come
And bring to him their offerings.

You can hear a Free Church of Scotland congregation sing v 1-7 to the pleasant tune Cannock here, v 1-10 to the tune Crasselius here and later verses to the tune Church Triumphant here.