welcoming handSt. Andrew’s has, currently, 17 serving Elders, with 15 having districts of members and adherents under their pastoral care. The Elders are supported by a Pastoral Team who assist in keeping in touch with members and adherents.



Current list of Elders, as of May 2021.

District Name address town Post Code Phone e-mail
Ray Hammond 3 Cauldwell Close Whitley Bay NE25 8LP 2523319
A Paul Hartley 39 Monks Road Whitley Bay NE25 9RY 2528787
B Carole Mallett 54 Brantwood Avenue Whitley Bay NE25 8NJ 2521723
D Margaret Varley 56 Davison Avenue Whitley Bay NE26 1SH 2537752
D Joan Blanchfield 14 Mendip Close, Preston Grange North Shields NE29 9QP 2961931
E Chris Hales 10 Woodburn Drive Whitley Bay NE26 3HS 2527537
F Ann Sinclair 14 Athol Gardens Whitley Bay NE25 9DN 2528341
G Valerie Taylor 17 Clifton Grove Whitley Bay NE26 9UB 2526172
H Hazel Hall 33 Hastings Avenue Whitley Bay NE26 4AF 2531039
J Ann Hammond 3 Cauldwell Close Whitley Bay NE25 8LP 2523319
L Catriona Fenwick 37 Oakland Road Whitley Bay NE25 8LX 2529913
M Iain Ord 20 Hermiston Whitley Bay NE25 9AN 2520498
N Sue Ames 17 Kelso Drive North Shields NE29 9NS 2513016
O Barbara Burgess 12 Cauldwell Close Whitley Bay NE25 8LP 2512912
R Bill Hopper 24 Burnt House Road Whitley Bay NE25 9DZ 2522345
V1&2 Iain Ord 20 Hermiston Whitley Bay NE25 9AN 2520498
Tim Cooke 4 Kingfisher Way Blyth NE24 3QR 01670354834


What are Elders in the URC?

Elders share with ministers of the Word and Sacraments in the pastoral oversight and leadership of the local churches, taking counsel together in the elders’ meeting for the whole church and having several groups of members particularly entrusted to their pastoral care. They shall be associated with ministers in all the councils of the church. Elders elected by the church meeting are ordained to their office and are inducted to serve for such limited period as the church which elects them shall determine. All elders are eligible for re-election, and those elected shall enter upon their office by induction.