Daily Devotion 16th December 2018

I cried aloud to God for help;
I prayed that God would hear.
When I was plunged in deep distress,
I sought the Lord in prayer.

At night I stretched untiring hands,
relief my soul refused.
Rememb’ring you, O God, I groaned
with longing as I mused.

In my distress I could not speak;
from sleep you kept my eye.
I thought about the former days,
the years which have gone by.

Throughout the watches of the night
my songs I called to mind.
I pondered deeply, while my heart
an answer tried to find:

“For ever will the Lord reject
and never show his grace?
Has he withdrawn his steadfast love
and turned from me his face?

“For all time has his promise failed?
Is God no longer kind?
Has he in his great wrath dismissed
compassion from his mind?”

Then to my heart there came this thought:
“On this I will rely—
The years of the right hand of power
of him who is Most High.”

I will recall the LORD’s great deeds—
your works of long ago.
I’ll meditate on all your acts;
your mighty deeds I’ll show.

The editors of Sing Psalms suggest this is set to the haunting tune St Columba.  You can hear a Free Church of Scotland congregation sing this here.