Daily Devotion 24th July 2018

Has all of humanity, in every age, looked up at the blazing canopy of stars or out from the shore at the endless face of water – stilled in awe?

Has each child cried out in discoveries wonder at the snake in the garden, only to learn its true name – ‘worm’?

Have each of us had a moment of deeply knowing that we are – we simply are, by virtue of creation?

Have we, who read these reflections, had an instant of amazement when we recognise and truly know that day follows night and light illuminates the dark?

Have you been on the hill top, out in the meadow, heard Brian Cox talking about the universe or watched Blue Planet 2 and taken a breath full of wonder and worship?

At some point we rejoice to sing or say, dance or pray – ‘I believe in God…’

That moment. Those deep moments cause the unfolding glory of creation to burst into ordinary lives.

The writer of Genesis cries out for us to hear God’s gift in creation. This story is a best guess at creation’s beginning and even if inaccurate in fact, it’s success is in giving us words that express the amazement of life.

Even lives of disability, blindness, stigma, pain, exhaustion, depression, all that being human throws at us, cannot stop the wonder of creation from seeping into our experience. Some way and somehow, we will deeply know God’s boundless grace and gift of love.

And so rightly, the Creed’s simple statement of faith begins ‘I believe in God…’.