Our Next Daily Devotion series

Dear <<First Name>>

I hope you have enjoyed the Devotions between Christmas and Epiphany as we reflected on the songs of the season.  Now Christmas is fast becoming a memory and, in our Daily journey together, we turn to the book of Amos which will work through over the next few weeks.

Amos is portrayed as a shepherd from the north of Israel who preached, for a short time, with fine, rural imagery in the rich northern Kingdom of Israel against the corruptions of wealth, luxury, perversion of justice and external religion.  

The punishment of the “Day of the Lord” was already looming in the form of the threat of invasion by Assyria, in 721.  Amos is the first to teach that a faithful remnant will survive – the one ray of hope in his writing.  

Amos has much to teach us in an age where, in the West, many live in luxury, use religion for their own ends and neglect God and His commands to look after the poor.

I hope the series strengthens your knowledge of Amos and his message and, at the same time, inspires you to live as a closer disciple of the Lord Jesus.

with every good wish


Andy Braunston
Coordinator, Daily Devotions from the URC Project