Pandemic Prayer and Improved Podcasts

Pandemic Prayer and Improved Podcasts

Dear Friends,

This week’s pandemic prayer was written by the Rev’d Fleur Houston and focuses on the Risen Lord who guides us through difficult times.  You can read this, and other prayers in the series by clicking here.

You will have seen, a few weeks, ago we managed to get our recordings of each Daily Devotion published as a “podcast” which now can be accessed by any number of podcast providers.  You can ask Google, Alexa or Siri (if you have these artifiicial assistants” to “play today’s podcast of the Daily Devotions from the United Reformed Church” (the word “podcast” seems to be needed!”)  You can also hear it by clicking on the “podcast” link above and in each day’s email.  Thanks to Leslie Schram a very clever member of my congregation in Stewarton we now have a short piece of music to start and end each day’s podcast.  We hope this enhances the experience for those of you who prefer to listen to the reflection each day.

with every good wish