URC Daily Devotion 12th December 2018

This is a huge bargain that the Lord is offering to Solomon. The Lord is saying that if Solomon is faithful to him and keeps his commandments he will consecrate the Temple for all time.  The continuance, however, is conditional on maintaining the worship of God there and not turning away to worship other gods. Actions have consequences. No one is too grand, high-powered, or magnificent to escape the consequences of wrong doing. Solomon and his family will come to learn that costly lesson as history unfolds.

Actions have consequences for people today. We are constantly learning costly lessons. In many ways our world has become like the Temple of Solomon. Many parts of the world have “become a heap of ruins” and people do say “Why has the Lord done such a thing to this land?” But I do not believe it is the Lord that has done this.

Telling a lie, carrying a knife onto the street, robbery, mindless violence and, yes, not keeping the commandments of God, are all actions that have consequences; they are our actions and we have to face the consequences.