URC Daily Devotion 12th May 2019

1 Sing to the LORD, sing praise in a new song;
Sing to him all who to the earth belong!
2 Sing to the LORD and praise his holy name;
From day to day his saving work proclaim.
3 His glory to the nations now declare;
His mighty deeds to people everywhere.

4 Great is the LORD, most worthy of all praise;
Above all gods he’s to be feared always.
5 For all the nations’ gods are of no worth,
Whereas the LORD set heav’n above the earth.
6 Majestic splendour is before his face—
Both strength and glory in his holy place.

7 O praise the LORD, you nations, every tribe,
Both strength and glory to the LORD ascribe.
8 Give to the LORD the glory that is due;
Come to his courts and bring a gift with you.
9 Worship the LORD in his great holiness;
Tremble with fear, all earth, before his face.

10 Throughout the nations say, “The LORD God reigns!”
The world stands firm, for ever it remains;
The LORD will judge the peoples righteously.
11 Let heav’n and earth rejoice exceedingly;
Let seas and all their life with praise resound;
12 Let fields and all in them with joy abound.

Then all the trees will give a joyful cry,
The forest sing before the LORD Most High.
The whole creation will break out in mirth
13 Because he comes, the judge of all the earth.
He’ll judge the world in perfect righteousness,
And all the peoples in his faithfulness.

This can be sung to the tune Yorkshire-Stockport (Christians Awake, Salute the Happy Morn) which can be heard here or to Orlando Gibbon’s Song I which can be heard here.