URC Daily Devotion 28th July 2019

1 O thank the LORD, for he is good;
his love endures always.
2 Let those whom God redeemed say this,
those rescued by his grace.
He saved them from their enemies
3 and brought them from the lands,
From east and west, from north and south,
safe from oppressing hands.

4 Some wandered in the desert wastes,
not finding any way
To reach a city where they might
obtain a place to stay.
5 Their life and strength were ebbing fast
in thirst and emptiness.
6 Then in despair they sought the LORD,
who saved them from distress.

7 Straight was the path he led them on,
a city to attain.
8 So for the LORD’s unfailing love
let them give thanks again,
And for the awesome deeds of power
which he for them achieves—
9 For hungry souls he fills with good;
the thirsty he relieves.

10 Some sat in darkness and in gloom,
in chains of iron held;
11 They scorned the ways of God Most High,
against his words rebelled.
12 And so he made them labour hard
in bitterness and shame.
They stumbled, and they could not rise;
to help them no one came.

13 Then to the LORD they cried for help;
he saved them from their doom.
14 He broke away their cruel chains
and brought them out of gloom.
15 So let them thank him for his love,
the deeds which he achieves—
16 Because he breaks down gates of bronze
and iron bars he cleaves.

17 Some erred through their rebellious ways
and for their sins paid dear.
18 All kinds of food revolted them;
the gates of death drew near.
19 Then in despair they sought the LORD;
he saved them from their doom.
20 His word went forth with healing power
and kept them from the tomb.

You can hear a Free Church of Scotland sing vv 10 – 16 to the haunting tune Morven here  and vv 37-43 to the tune Rachel here