URC Daily Devotion 30th July 2019

So we begin this passage with Nebuchadnezzar coming to his senses and recognising that God is everlasting and all enduring. God is constant in a world that is always changing.

I think Nebuchadnezzar, having been on a journey where he realises that the God of Daniel and the Israelites is “the God of power and creation” is life changing, recognises that God loves him and has a plan for him.  God loves him no more and no less than anyone else. Nebuchadnezzar has a position whereby he can affect change as the king and therefore he is called by God to exercise that power not for his own glorification but for the raising up of others, for the breaking of injustice and the speaking of truth to power.

Nebuchadnezzar is in a position where he can affect changes for the good of all and to the glory of God. We are called to affect change for the good of all creation within our own means. As I write this, we have had two weeks of protests in London, which appear to have had an effect to a point. An environmental crisis has been declared by Parliament but declaring a crisis and doing something about it are different things. We now have to see what the Government will do having declared the crisis.

There is an element of reminding us that Nebuchadnezzar was prideful and that he was brought low, but he was reinstated to his position to bring changes for the better to his country. Pride for self can be dangerous, but pride in others, pride in good work, pride in a cause for justice can actually motivate us for the right reasons, but must be tempered with humility and remembering that we are called by God to build God’s now and not yet kin-dom of justice and equity.