URC Daily Devotion 30th June 2019

1 Praise God, my soul! With all my heart
Let me exalt his holy name.
2 Forget not all his benefits;
His praise, my soul, in song proclaim.
3 The LORD forgives you all your sins,
And heals your sickness and distress;
4 Your life he rescues from the grave,
And crowns you in his tenderness.

5 He satisfies your deep desires
From his unending stores of good,
So that, just like the eagle’s strength,
Your youthful vigour is renewed.
6 The LORD is known for righteous acts
And justice to downtrodden ones.
7 To Moses he made known his ways,
His mighty deeds to Israel’s sons.

8 The LORD is merciful and kind,
To anger slow, and full of grace.
9 He will not constantly reprove,
Or in his anger hide his face.
10 He does not punish our misdeeds,
Or give our sins their just reward.
11 How great his love—as high as heaven—
Towards all those who fear the LORD!

12 As far as east is from the west,
So far his love has borne away
Our many sins and trespasses
And all the guilt that on us lay.
13 Just as a father loves his child,
So God loves those who fear his name.
14 For he remembers we are dust,
And well he knows our feeble frame.

15 Each human life is like the grass,
And like a meadow flower it grows.
16 Its place will never be recalled
Once over it the tempest blows.
17 But everlasting is God’s love
For those who fear him, and their seed—
18 For those who keep his covenant,
And carefully his precepts heed.

19 God’s kingly rule is over all;
In heavèn he has set his throne.
20 O you his angels, praise the LORD,
Strong ones by whom his will is done.
21 O praise the LORD, you heavenly hosts,
His servants who perform his word.
22 Praise God, his works throughout his realm,
And you, my soul, O praise the LORD!

You can hear a Free Church of Scotland congregation sing this to the, stunning, tune Before the Throne of God Above here.