URC Daily Devotion 3rd September 2019

Paul reflects on the way life changes as circumstances change.  He is writing to knowledgeable people who understand the Law. They had been bound by the Law and he wants them to understand how their lives had changed.  The biggest change in our relationship with God was the life on earth of His son Jesus.

We have been freed from the old Law so we may bear fruit for God.  What sort of fruit do we bear? As I look out of my window, I can now see apples, pears and plums growing in my garden, it is perfectly clear which is which.  A few months ago as I looked at the blossom it was impossible for me to tell what would come from the trees. If I was an expert gardener, I’d been able to tell the difference, but I am not an expert.

Is it clear to those around what fruit you bear for God?  We can look at Christians labouring worldwide with organisations such as Christian Aid and know that they bear the fruit of loving service.  We see many of our churches supporting Christian Aid through their links with Commitment for Life. What a wonderful name for a movement, we should all be committed to living our lives for Jesus.

We do our service not because we are forced to do it by laws and fear of retribution, but because we are freed from the captivity of the law and able to flourish as we enjoy our new life in the Spirit.

We are walking the way, living the life of Jesus today as we allow God to flourish in our lives, not as slaves but as free people who can rejoice as we know that we have freedom that Jesus earned for us.