Daily Devotion 11th September 2018

“In the beginning” are the three words that start both Genesis and John’s Gospel.  Here the Psalmist is reflecting on this world that God created and on his own life.  He exhorts the readers to rejoice and praise God using voices and musical instruments.  We are reminded that all the work that God does is done in faithfulness.

Do we respect the faithfulness of God in the way we treat the world He created?

God made the host of the heavens by the breath of his mouth and we burn fossil fuels and pollute the atmosphere.

He gathers the waters of the sea as in a bottle and today we throw away millions of plastic bottles every year and some of these end up in the oceans where they help to destroy many of the sea creatures that God created.
While many people seem to live and care nothing about this earth there is a growing movement of Christians who are working to change attitudes and reduce the damage we do to God’s world.  Christians have a chance to lead the world by changing what we do as individuals, as churches, as a denomination and as Christians. Eco Church and Eco Congregation Scotland unite churches who want to stand against the destruction of God’s world by making small, or large, changes.  As we stand in awe of God and of all that is created we have to choose, do we continue to destroy it or do we make changes that start to change the world. The world stood firm when God spoke and yet is is being eroded by human action, we have to show our respect for God, for God’s creation and for all creatures by changing and lessening our impact on this fragile earth.