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I hope that the long series looking at the Acts of the Apostles since Pentecost has been useful; it’s not often we read through such a long book and make links between our own age and the exciting, fast moving, world of the New Testament.  It has been suggested that we make this series available as a booklet.  The material is all archived on the URC website – and if anyone wished to make a resource from the material they are more than welcome to do so.  

Tomorrow, we start to read through St John’s Gospel.  This is a work that we’re not as familiar with as we should be given it’s size and prominence in the New Testament.  The devisors of the Lectionary most Churches use didn’t give St John a year of its own and slot various passages into the Church’s year.  This is means we lose some of the focus of St John’s Gospel if we just hear those parts that are read on Sundays.  

From tomorrow we will work our way through St John and be both comforted and disturbed by its insights and style.  It can be startling to see how confrontational Jesus is in this Gospel – the editor sets him above Moses in the prologue (shocking to Jews) and very early on Jesus confronts the authorities by the cleansing of the Temple.  The die is set and the Gospel moves towards Jesus’ betrayal and death with unremitting pace.  The team of writers have worked hard on this series and we hope that you continue to find the Devotions a source of blessing.

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Andy Braunston
Coordinator, Daily Devotions from the URC project
Minister, Southside Cluster, Synod of Scotland