re-lite: Holocaust Memorial Day 2016 – Introduction

A warm welcome to everyone viewing this online. We hope it it proves interesting and thought provoking. Please let us have comments back via the links at the end.

re-lite is a themed set of sessions occurring every two months where we have opportunity to engage with a different selection of issues in a format that is casual and an environment that is open. It’s an opportunity to listen to stories from people, to learn about what affects them, to reflect on how that affects us, and to engage with how we can respond.

The session is structured but there will be opportunity for everyone to engage with the topic at whatever level you are comfortable.

Through this on-line version of the session, we hope you will still be able to engage with the topic in your own way and make use of the material that can be downloaded at appropriate places.

Please use the links at the bottom of each post to move forward and backward through the session.

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