URC Daily Devotion 12th April 2019

Who has heard someone say ‘children are the Church of the future’? How does it make you feel?  The issue is, they are the Church of now! So often in churches we seek to keep children in their place, we view them as projects to be managed and minds to be shaped until they come of age and can take over from us! Because of course, we have all the answers and we know best……

Jesus’ disciples were chastised for thinking they knew best where children were concerned. They decided that Jesus did not want to be bothered with them and were trying to get those bringing them (most likely the women) to go away.

Like adults, children are co-creators with God. Like adults, children can encounter God and find faith. They do not need to be put in their place, but allowed to be equal partners on our journeys where we can bless and inspire each other and faith can flourish.

Jesus’ teaching reminds us again and again that there is a different way, a way that encourages, builds up, loves unconditionally- a way that builds up God’s kingdom here on earth. And he reminds the disciples and those encountering the Gospel words for the first time, and us too, that to be able to receive the Kingdom we need to be like children.

How do we experience that? Jesus reminds his disciples that the Kingdom belongs to the children: those without status and self-sufficiency. Being received into the Kingdom is a gift of grace, not something earned or striven for. We can only receive the Kingdom if we are prepared to acknowledge our dependence on God (and others) and let go of our need for power and position, and allow God to help us live a faithful life.

Children have a lot to teach us. Let us listen to them, really listen to them. Value them. Love them. And be prepared to learn from them.