URC Daily Devotion 6th September 2019

Although these verses are full of release they may cause us inner conflict, perhaps even feeling like a bit of a damper at times; bringing us into the sense of condemnation, which we are told we are no longer subject to. They can come across as being very different to a lot of things that are commonplace in the places of worship of which we are a part, and where we seek to serve our Lord. It does however reflect in clear terms the immensity of just HOW greatly Jesus has set us free in a way in which nobody else has been able to.

We no longer live under the Law with its restrictions, dictates and stranglehold sense of needing to adhere to the “straight and narrow.” The difference is that we are meant to live the life of the Spirit, and not be shackled to those things from the past which may well have dogged our steps. Very clearly we are told to walk in the Spirit, and not according to the flesh.

There needs to be a full realisation of the extent of such freedom into which Jesus has so wonderfully released us. Perhaps something that only the Holy Spirit can truly liberate us into, in His way and timing ridding us of the sense of condemnation. Jesus Himself reminds us that if we know the truth in Him we shall be free (John 8), and that is freedom with great emphasis, and eternal effect. However, such is only as good as the amount of freedom which we allow ourselves to enter into, and appropriate. It is not holding back, but embracing the fullness and the releasing effect of the life of the Spirit which Jesus, in His love for each one of us, longs for us to lay hold of and enjoy.